Advertising is dead?

Advertising is dead?

12.08.2012 | by Isik Sonenschein

Last Independence Day‪, an article in Calcalist compared contemporary Israeli advertising to adverts from the sixties and seventies‪. It reminded me of my own feelings towards the advertising world‪, a world I spent many years‪ in: I love advertising; I dislike its practices and procedures.

The article compared contemporary ads for three well known brands to ads from 40 and 50 years ago. Looking at these ads strengthened my feelings about the state of contemporary advertising in Israel.

In the early days of Israeli advertising, respect was given to every ad and to the process of its creation. First, there was a quest for a truly good idea. Then, a lot of time and work were devoted to finding the appropriate illustrator or photographer, as well as to seeking an interesting composition and forming the typography. Nowadays, it hardly happens. Instead of an idea, there is a 30% sale element. Once, creative teams would go to shooting and filming sets. Today they hardly leave their computers. If once they worked on creating an innovative visual, today they just pick something from an image bank; brilliant copy writing is currently replaced by shallow jokes.

That is why so many people who work in advertising, as well as clients and consumers, feel disrespect for it.
It is clear from the outcomes; that in the past more time and money were allocated to advertising.
But anyone who is familiar with the advertising world knows that today it’s not really a problem of time and money.
It is the lack of respect.
Respect for the profession, for the client and for the consumer. And above all, it’s lack of self respect.

Images from the article in Calcalist:,7340,L-3569254,00.html