The Roadsides Brand Index

The Roadsides Brand Index

29.03.2012 | by Isik Sonenschein

In order to learn about the current status of different brands, we would normally turn to official sources such as Brand Index (Future Brand) / Best Global Brands (Inter Brand) / Globes Israel Brand Index.
Sometimes,  however, we can gain an insight into the subject by simply looking at the garbage on the roadside.

Last summer, during a vacation in Greece, I explored the roadsides and photographed the brands that had made their mark on the environment. Most of them are very familiar and surround us in our daily lives. Only a few of them are local and can be found only in Greece. The products, of course, are mundane, everyday objects that had been used on the spot, sometimes shortly before my spotting them at the “crime scene”. Behind each one of them hides a branded consumerist story. Who was shaving here in this corner? Who left the Dutch beer can? A British tourist? A local fisherman?

We can only observe and imagine.

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