Israel Railways


Israel Railways has dealt with a prolonging problematic public image, mainly as a result of highly communicated labor disputes and negative perceptions of the railway travel experience.
To give expression to the significant improvement processes currently under way in Israel Railways and to reposition the railway travel experience, we formulated a new brand concept which included the establishment of a whole new strategic focus, through to the brand promise and the leading communications slogan.


The new concept focused and stressed the railways clear advantage over other means of transportation- the ability of the commuter to enjoy the ride with no worries and to actually enjoy some quality time on his way to work or other activity.


On the basis of the new brand strategy we developed a contemporary, exciting and energetic visual language that clearly and powerfully communicates the message of a new era in Israel Railways.


The process of launching the new brand strategy included the formulation of leading communications messages and the development of a suite of communications and creative elements for the branding of railway stations countrywide.