Cyber Spark

Israeli cyber innovation arena

Israel’s cyber campus, now being established in Beersheba, is a unique national project that brings together a variety of leading Israeli and global entities specializing in the cyber arena, from different worlds: academia, hi-tech, government, security and education. The physical proximity and collaboration between the different entities create a unique “ecosystem” which will serve as fertile ground for creating innovation and firmly establishing Israel’s world leadership in the cyber arena.


Our work:
As part of the project we formulated brand strategy, developed the concept, the name CyberSpark and the brand language. On the basis of this platform unique communication tools are now being developed and will be used in communicating with target audiences in Israel and abroad, thus positioning this innovative national project as a hub to attract cyber enthusiasts from all over the world. The project is managed by the National Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office, in conjunction with the Israeli Government Advertising Agency (Lapam).