The launch of “You” Israel’s discount supermarket chain

The You chain marks the start of a new era in Israeli consumerism and is a key element in Mega Retail’s overall strategy and its preparations for the retail map of tomorrow.


The new consumer wants his supermarket to be perfectly aligned with his needs, wants it to be more transparent, allow him to influence and offer him low prices without forgoing quality.


This was the guiding concept behind the creation of the You chain, established and operated by You – Israel’s leading consumer club, which offers members a new way to benefit from the cheapest shopping basket of the highest quality and freshness.  You is a chain in which customers are full partners, allowing it to improve continuously thanks to open dialogue with the consumer.


The strategic-creative work process included the formulation of a brand-strategic concept, creation of a visual and communication language expressed in a suite of communication solutions, from store and space visibility through to a range of promotional applications and communication materials.